Intimax 100 mg

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Intimax tablet is used for men enhancement purpose. Intimax contain sildenafil. Intimax  should not be taken more than once in a day. Intimax medicine is an home growth medicine also.

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What is intimax 100 MG?

Intimax 100mg is used for male treatment. To boost male sexual limit issues such as desolateness or erectile brokenness. Intimax contain sildenafil which help to extending blood flow to the penis an empower a man. Take intimax 100mg tablet before 30 minutes, anyway near 4 hours. Sexual development take this medicine 1 hour before for best results. Intimax medicine is an home growth medicine also.

Side effects of intimax 100mg:-

Side effects of intimax 100mg can be Dazedness, cerebral torment, flushing, or stomach upset may occur. Vision changes, for instance, extended influence capacity to light, darkened vision. If you want to decrease the peril of drunkenness and unsteadiness, you should get up bit by bit when rising from a sitting or lying position every day you should do that to reduce this problem.

Intimax can put little strain on your heart, especially if you have heart issues. If you have any heart issues or experience any of these real problem in past then consult your doctor before taking these medicine.

Precaution before taking intimax 100mg:-

Intimax 100mg should be taken after consulting your doctor or your expert. intimax should be taken using this prescription, You should not to take this remedy without any prescription. Or any kind of drug contains sildenafil or other relative contain drug these kind of drug can make you stirred up or cause vision issues might happen.

Do not take intimax 100mg if you have any heart problem or any kind of breathing problem and also any problem in past also, if you want to take this kind of medicine you should consult your expert or your respected doctor for this medicine. It might can also damage your some tissue. Do not take more than one medicine in a day it can harm your body.

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